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5X8 Feet . Modern Carpet, Turkish Shaggy Tulu rug ,handmade shaggy rug , Multi details Colors high Pile Designer rug

Ürün Kodu: 487 Marka: Carpet
684,00 $

Made in Turkey in 2020s

Soft Shaggy Long Pile Tulu Rug

Made in Turkey in 2000s

Made of sheep wool yarn on Cotton/Hemp Loom

Dyed with completely natural Vegetable extracts

Professionally washed, cleaned and detailed

High Shaggy pile, Medium Knot density

Perfect Condition , No repairs or defects

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No Custom Duty Fees for US customers

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Shipping with UPS Express , Delivery 2-5 Business days

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Professional Studio Photos in Daylight, colors are 100% correct.
If you need more photos or videos , just ask me

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Story :

The main job for most nomadic and rural women in turkey was and is weaving area rugs. Each household sits together and weaves multiple rugs or kilims each month, this way not only can they support their families financially, but they also all have full-time jobs creating wonderful art that other people can enjoy under their feet for decades to come.

This is a wonderfully beautiful Turkish Vintage Area Rug, woven in the 70s by these rural and nomadic weavers for their own homes or to sell. They poured their dreams, souls, and hopes into this artwork, and now after many years we have acquired, washed, cleaned, and revived it to be used again in your home, to add a bit of beauty, history, and uniqueness to your decor.

A handmade masterpiece that can last you for generations.



Material :

Like most other handmade rugs, this rug is made of wool yarn, knotted on a loom made of a mixture of wool and cotton. The wool most of the time is from their sheep herds.

They turn this wool into yarns and put them in huge boiling pots with different natural dyes.

These natural dyes are extracts from plants, roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood. so you can be sure all the colors on this rug are 100% organic natural and one of a kind.

due to this process, no two handmade rugs have the same color. even sometimes they cannot produce the same color for one rug, so each side has a different shade!



Condition :

We acquire these rugs in bulk from different villages, bring them to our warehouse, wash them first to reveal the true color, and get rid of all the dust.

We lay them out under the sun to make the colors more faded and completely dry the rug. Then depending on how distressed the pile already is, we begin clipping, scrubbing, and power washing the pile to make it lower and even.

We then wash them once more and layout in front of direct sunlight to dry out.

depending on how faded we want the rug, the sunbathing process could take between a week to 6 months. The more it is under the sun, the more faded the color will get.

After all these, we bring all the rugs to our warehouse, fold and neatly categorize them ready to ship. We also keep our warehouse in pristine condition clean with perfect temperature and air moisture so that you can be sure any rug you buy from us will be completely clean, moisture and odor-free.


Handmade  Products:

Please keep in mind that all of our rugs are handmade, and like any other handmade item, all have small imperfections that are not a defect but rather a sign of being unique and a piece of art.

Most notably, we cannot expect handmade rugs to be perfectly exact in size on all sides. Sometimes one side of a handmade rug is slightly wider than the other side but this is completely natural due to being made on a loom. Also unlike machine-made items, handmade rugs do not have completely straight lines, sometimes the design is slightly asymmetrical or the lines are not 100% straight or one side is slightly bulging in or out. These are all-natural for all handmade rugs, let alone vintage ones and nothing to be worried about, but if the defect is very noticeable I make sure to mention it up in the bullet points.

Photos and Videos :

All of our photos are taken with high-end studio equipment. We do not edit or photoshop them. The colors you see in these photos are the ones on the rug with no filters.

For photos, we use a high-end Sony A7III Camera with two soft-boxes, all set white balance 5600K, so you’d always get the exact color temperature.

To make the colors as accurate as possible, we have put a glass wall on one side of the studio, only taking photos at noon so we get perfect lighting from outside, making the results exactly how it will look inside your home during the daytime.

For videos, we use DJI Osmo Pocket at 4K quality, taken at daylight so you’d see exactly how the rug would look in the daytime indoors.

But please note that color accuracy on photos is always better than color accuracy on videos. To try that, you can take a couple of pictures of a rug you have at home and then take a video and compare the color accuracy on both photos and the video.

Most importantly Please also keep in mind that every screen shows color slightly differently. Some are more saturated while others have a bluish or yellowish tint. So no matter how exact the colors on our photos are when you look at them on each screen, they might seem slightly different.

To be sure of the colors in the pictures, I suggest you look at them on different monitors and screens, avoid iPhones and other smartphones LCDs as they mostly oversaturate the colors and might show false colors.

Our pictures will look best on monitors with P3 color gamut, New Apple laptops and monitors show them the most accurate ( make sure True Tone is turned off).

If you need to see more photos or videos of this rug in higher quality please message me.

Shipping :

We’ve been partners with UPS for more than a decade now, we ship all of our packages using UPS express. Average shipping time for different countries differ but for North America is between 2-4 business days, and for the EU,1-3 business days.

US customers do not need to pay any custom duties or other import fees. The only time you pay is here on Etsy.

For customers from other countries, there are small import fees involved, I’d recommend searching in your local websites to get the exact number.


Discounts and Wholesale :

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