Don't Take Without Looking!

Don't Take Without Looking!

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5x8 custom handmade work , wool rug , unique beauty , decoration work , custom made to order , 167x235 cm

Ürün Kodu: 120eyes Marka: Carpet
Ask for price.

Made in Turkey in 2020s

5'4x7'7 Feet 167x235 cm of the product available

Fashioned from original hand-knotted Turkish rugs, which are hand-woven in mid 1900's. They have been kept in a corner of the house for decades. What I do is go find these old fashioned carpets; shave and bleach and infuse them with striking colors using various techniques. The result is a modern, unique and a beautiful rug that you can proudly lay on your floor.

The rugs are then cut into various geometric shapes, and hand-stitched with a cotton & polyester mixture thread; creating modern and colorful rugs. The base of the rug is strengthened with a durable cotton twill, which also prevents it from slipping, while protecting the stitches.

Also available in these dimensions:

4' x 6' (122 x 183 cm)
5' x 7' (152 x 214 cm)
5' x 8' (152 x 245 cm)
6' x 9' (183 x 275 cm)
8' x 10' (245 x 305 cm)
9' x 12'(275 x 365 cm)
10' x 14'(305 x 426 cm)
12' x 18'(365 x 548 cm)

If you require a size other than these, please contact me with a "custom order request".

I do not stock patchwork rugs, they are MADE TO ORDER. It takes us 3-5 days to make one, depending on its size. The colors of the made rug will be same us the rug in the photograph; however, the individual pieces will have different patterns. We will match it 90%.

Material: Wool, Cotton
Technique: Hand-Knotted
Pile: Low
Fringe: None
Pattern: Varies with the individual pieces
Country: Turkey

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